Plaster Set

Plaster Set

Also known as “White Set” or “Hard Finish Plaster” 

Plaster Set is the combination of Hard Finish Plaster or Hard Wall Plaster mixed together with a Lime Putty made from Hydrated Plasterers lime. 

The manufactures recommended ratio for Plaster set is 10 Parts Plaster: to 1 Part lime Putty by volume.

To create the putty clean drinking water is put into a drum then the hydrated plasters lime is added at the correct proportion and left to sit for a minimum of 24 hrs. This is known as curing the putty and is done to stabilise the Lime prior to mixing with the Plaster.

Plaster set is a thin coating varying from 1mm to 3mm in thickness and is finished to an ultra-smooth   glass like feel. It can be applied to raw cement rendered and concrete walls and ceilings and can be used over painted areas if properly cleaned and over coated with an acrylic primer bonder, which makes it a great product to use after building works or making alterations to a wall so as to completely hide any patching or damage and restoring it to a brand new finish.