Nicotra Plastering Testimonials

I first met John Nicotra about 20 years ago when I was an apprentice, my company Coddington Construction P/L has been working with Nicotra Plastering for the past 15 years.

Over the years we have undertaken many projects together from small patch jobs to large 600m2 architectural houses rendered internally and externally.

I have always found John and his team to be extremely punctual and honest, there work is absolutely first class, straight, plumb and accurate. The finish is always left beautifully, ready to except paint. The painters onsite always comment “this is the best render or white set we have ever seen”, which is most probably true as the finish is always very good.

John always visits site before his team arrives, sometimes on many occasions keeping track of the building progress so he can get his team of renderers onsite as the opportunities open up.

When the rendering team arrives the Nicotra Plastering ute is always packed with everything they could possibly need, heaps of hooks, straight edges etc they are never left short for gear. The leading hand renderers within the team are very capable and regularly set there own levels and parallel lines etc once set out points are confirmed with our site supervisor. 

My supervisors always comment that it is a pleasure to have the Nicotra renderers onsite as they are clean, neat and tidy and can look after themselves. The Nicotra leading hands work out the details and requirements for the next day within the afternoon before they leave, so they can get the wet render on the walls early giving them the best opportunity to get the most out of the day. This system works well as my supervisors are very busy in the morning, they always know that the renderers are ready to go, as they went over the current days targets and details the previous afternoon.

I have always found Johns team to be well trained and disciplined, they also always bring their lunch to work and never leave site during the day which I like to see. They are always the first trade onsite as well.

John has an exceptional understanding of architectural requirements, he has resolved many issues over the years showing great professionalism and knowledge.

One last thing I must say is that the preparation of the structural surfaces is fantastic and render never comes loose or drummy, this is a testament to the Nicotra teams quality control and processes.

Obviously I am a very happy customer and I am sure that anybody looking for a true first class render or white set job will be more than happy with the services of Nicotra Plastering P/L.

Sean Coddington
Managing Director
Coddington Constructions PTY LTD

For over the past ten years Nicotra Plastering and R W Stidwill Constructions have shared a mutually respectful and ultimately effective business relationship for our clients. The rendering work is always of a high standard, clean and reliable,which we seek in a sub-contractor. John Nicotra leads his trustworthy team in creating a quality finish, and has proved this over the many years of our affiliation with Nicotra Plastering. R W Stidwill Constructions has no hesitation in recommending Nicotra Plastering.

R W Stidwill Constructions has no hesitation in recommending Nicotra Plastering.

Testimonial for Nicotra Plastering Pty Ltd by R W Stidwill Constructions Pty Ltd